The most expensive photographs.

The most expensive photographs.

Well the old adage says the value of an anything, is equivalent to the amount the buyer and seller agree,  at that moment of the sale.

officially the most expensive photograph ever sold is the  image called ” Rhein II ” (above) by Andreas Gursky , it sold for the discount price of $4.300000, it’s size is as dramatic as it’s price.

The print is a  360×190 cm

Cindy Sherman, dug out of her cupboard this self portrait taken in 1981


I’ve always wondered what the letter says, looks like bad news judging from her expression. Anyway it sold for $3,900,000 at Christies in 2011. I expect she was smiling then.



Still life get’s a look in as well, with this Edward Weston print of a shell taken in 1927.

It sold for just over the million mark in 2010


This Diptychon, by andreas Gursky made

$ 3,346,456 in 2007 with this American supermarket print. On top of that several prints were made and all sold for well over 1 million each


Now what is the recipe required to make these incredible prices, well one thing jumps out at me and that’s, they all appear to be based on straight lines or circles except Sherman’s self portrait, still a straight line but this time at an angle. Maplethorpes circular picture of Andy warhol sold for only $630,000 but that was in 2007.




A circular theme again with a rough circular town called , Tobolsk Kremlin by Dimitry Medvedev, sold for just under $ 2 million, to be honest I see very little artistic merit,  although our friend Dimitry was once the Russian President. That might explain it. I wonder if it hanging in the Tobolsk Kremlin now.




Another great mystery to me is this print claimed by Richard Prince even though it was a photo of a photo taken originally by Sam Abel and reworked, whatever that means, maybe hand colored. Anyway  I’d have been very upset if I was Sam, as he missed out $1,200,000



LIK USA Peter Lik's Phantom

So what about this one ? it’s rumored to be the most expensive photographic print in the world in the world. While not yet confirmed , this Peter Lik print, was apparently sold for $6.500,000 !!! A super print of a superb subject by a well Know, international photographer , well he’s well known now. The image itself is exceptional

At the same sale in December 2014 other prints were sold for well over the million mark.

Peter Lik now has 4 sales in the top 20 prints ever sold !!


Let’s have another look and see what the experts would say.

So what does all this mean to us, well firstly don’t listen to the so called photographic experts who say that ” the horizon must not be in the center”. so this wouldn’t win a competition at the local camera club.



Another favorite is whenever you have movement “always have the subject moving towards the centre of the shot”. Better turn the horse around in photoshop!!



“Never have the main subject in the middle of the frame”, that ex President must go to another photo club than the rest of us!

Did Maplethorpe get this one wrong as well ?










With the supermarket shot or shots, the horizontal lines would normally be a big no no. to be very honest I’m not sure if one should be on top of the other, or side by side.







Here again , main subject is central  Although this is by far my favorite. I’ve been told before that I’ve  expensive taste.In my opinion one of the best b/w images I’ve seen, the print has everything, from solid blacks to bright whites plus every shade go grey imaginable. A wonderful image.

LIK USA Peter Lik's Phantom


Just to finish off, how about the only verified picture of Billy the Kid $2.300,000 Now that’s a bargain. 
















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