Resizeing images

Something very important to realise is that once an image is uploaded to learnshots it can only be deleted and not recovered from the site.

Images that are too large can display badly on computer screens so it’s normal to resize them use 2000.pixels. along the longest edge for the best results, It also avoids slow uploads and viewing.


Please don’t upload more than 5 images per day.

free resizing application


PS any problems don’t hesitate to contact me.


  1. I tried the re-sizing tool and I couldn’t get it to work. It wouldn’t upload my photos at all.

    • Hi Liz make sure the file you are uploading is a jpeg file, the resizing tool should work then of course you must save it on your computer and upload it to learnshots. Another way is to resize it another way with photoshop or similar.
      You should be able to upload many images but individually as long as they have different file names of course. If you still have problems come back to me please.

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