:)))) The gallery is back on for uploads. Just the notifications to solve now.

Many thanks too freshsites.com  (our server)  For there perseverance, wonderful after sales service. 


Hi Everyone. Are you a beginner , an advanced or even a professional photographer ?
Well you have arrived at the right site and we give you a big welcome.

We have a blog and a forum which will be built up in the near future, More importantly we have two Galleries one for showing your shots and
asking for critique, if you like. Constructive critique is allowed by anyone, we do not accept rudeness or deliberate negative critique, unless a suggestion is made
to improve the shot. We all started somewhere, phrases like “awful shot” or get a “better camera” will be not accepted , encouraging comments are hoped for.
The gallery admin, will be watching 🙂
The members gallery is for your personal use and may be public or not as you wish.

We have a page with almost 200 youtube videos embedded by two well know photographers. With private messaging and profile pages, there’s something for everyone

You are important to us, as one of the photographic community  we have one aim and that’s to make you a better photographer, maybe you could
even help us improve, nobody knows everything.

Happy shooting  Phill and the Admin